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Self-Regulating with the Firearms Canada Forum

Announcement July 29, 2011

Firearms Canada receives several hundred emails each day. As a free service for the Canadian firearm community, we do our best to answer everyone’s questions in a timely fashion but we have long since reached a point where we can really use the communities assistance.

Firearms Canada has created a forum (http://www.firearmscanada.com/forum/) specifically for the community to share their thoughts, experiences and advice. If all site related and general firearms related questions can be directed to our forum rather than through our email you will have the benefit of the Firearms Canada moderators as well as the whole Firearms Canada community to quickly answer any questions. It will also serve as a resource for others who may have similar questions.

The following are some of our more common questions that we receive and for the benefit of the community we are posting the common response.

Q- How do I edit or remove my ad?

A- After logging in, click on “my dashboard” and you will be able to view your active listings. To the right of each listing you will see a pencil and a pause button (square with two vertical lines). Use the pencil button to edit your ad, and use the pause button to remove the ad from being viewed in the public listing area.

Q- I can’t log in anymore, please help.

A- The vast majority of log in problems that users have comes from simply forgetting their password. It is important to remember that the passwords are case sensitive. If you have followed the suggestions in the FAQ section for log in problems and are still having difficulties, you can reset your password by clicking “lost your password?” link on the log in page. By doing this, a temporary password will be sent to the email address that you registered with. If after this, you are still having problems please feel free to contact us and we will assist you.

Q- I think there is a fraudulent advertisement or suspicious user, can you please investigate this?

A- As a free internet service, this is a problem that will require the diligence of the community to overcome. If you have suspicions about and advertisement or user, it is in everyone’s interest to be educated. Please post these concerns in the forum so that other users can take heed. Our moderators are very good about tracking this activity, but we need the communities involvement to put a stranglehold on any such activity. As always, our best line of defence is to follow the buy and sell procedures as created by our users and listed in the FAQ section. Don’t be timid when voicing a concern in the forum, in the event your suspicions are unfounded at least an open dialog has been created that other users can learn from. Best case scenario you may have prevented someone from having a very bad day.

Remember, this is your site. It’s up to you to form it in into the site you want.

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