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Rider 1


Sell: Remington Rider Magazine Pistol .32 RF

Joseph Rider invented the first pistol using a tubular magazine in American History. Working for Remington and Sons of Ilion, NY, this prolific inventor had […]

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William P. Uhlinger .32 rim fire revolver


Sell: William P. Uhlinger .32RF

William P. Uhlinger made high quality guns in Philadelphia from 1861 to 1865. Since his guns were a direct infringement of S&W’s (Rollin White) patent, […]

587 total views, 7 today

Rare Chicago Firearms “Protector” Palm Pistol


Sell: Chicago “Protector” Palm Pistol .32RF

REDUCED! Manufactured by The Ames Sword Company under contract for Peter Finnigan, who formed the Chicago Firearms Co. to sell these “palm-squeezers” at the 1891 […]

540 total views, 11 today

Rare Hammond’s Patent Deringer


Sell: Hammond’s Patent Deringer .44RF

This is a very rare and extremely nice Connecticut Arms single shot Deringer in .44 rim fire. The largest caliber Deringer-type pistol ever made. It […]

381 total views, 3 today



Sell: Stevens A&T Co. in .25RF

This is an antique rifle, no PAL required but you must be 18 years old…24″ ocatagon to round, heavy .75″ barrell, clean bore and good […]

578 total views, 5 today



Sell: French Ordnance M1892 in 8mmLebel

Beautiful french officer parade revolver. HALF CHROME HALF BLUE Excellent timing and lock up. Gun is very tight with perfect rifling and barrel. 8 MM […]

141 total views, 6 today



Sell: Antique 1891 Dutch M73 in 9.4mm

Dutch M1873 5-shot revolver in 9.4mm. A prescribed antique made in 1891. Good original metal with finish turning to patina. The internals function properly and […]

732 total views, 6 today



Sell: Colt Model 1849 .31Cal Percussion

I have a Colt Model 1849 Pocket Pistol for sale. All numbers including backstrap ,cylinder ,frame and barrel wedge are matching. Traces of nickel finish […]

446 total views, 14 today

SW17556 1


Sell: Smith & Wesson Mod.1 1/2 .32RF

.32 rim fire, five-shot Model 1 1/2 with very fine rosewood grips. 80% original blue on the frame, a little less on the cylinder and […]

99 total views, 9 today

remington 411 1


Sell: Scarce Remington New Mod No4 .41RF

Remington New Model No. 4 .41 rim fire revolver with very scarce, early Parkesine (Nitrocellulose) plastic grips. This material was invented in 1856 and is […]

107 total views, 12 today

Whitney9820 1


Sell: Whitneyville 1 1/2 .32RF

Early .32 rim fire Model 1 1/2 with an octagonal barrel. The brass frame retains about 70% of the nickel plating, the cylinder about 50%. […]

90 total views, 7 today

H&A XL no 4 1


Sell: Hopkins & Allen XL No.4 .32RF

Hopkins and Allen were a major arms producer in the U.S from about 1868 to 1915, producing a large variety of pocket revolvers including the […]

198 total views, 8 today


Sell: Hopkins & Allen XL No.3 .32RF

H&A had several popular lines of pistols, the XL series being one of them. This is a 3-inch barrel, .32 rim fire XL no. 3 […]

189 total views, 5 today

Colt 1849 152610 2


Sell: Colt 1849 Pocket .31 Percussion

Very fine Colt 1849 Pocket with a four-inch barrel. Tight mechanics, excellent grips, 75% silver on the brass frame. The rifling is sharp, and there […]

232 total views, 8 today

National Arms No2 12013 1


Sell: National Arms No.2 Deringer .41RF

Very fine National Arms deringer in .41 rim fire, about 25% original blue on the barrel and 60% plus nickel plating with sharp engraving and […]

242 total views, 4 today

Galand 10320 1


Sell: Charles Galand Self-Extracting Revolver 12mm

12mm center fire revolver by famous French inventor C.F. Galand, made in Liege, Belgium. The gun is kept “in the white”, fully functional and complete. […]

304 total views, 4 today



Sell: Manufacture d’Arme de St-Etienne .45AR

Very nice antique statut revolver maked for the French army in 1889. Reblued and tuned. Cal. 45 auto rim. Very good mechanical in single or […]

402 total views, 10 today

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