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Firearms Canada Media Corp.

Please enjoy the information contained in this site.

Prior to contacting us with questions of a general nature, please refer to our forum and FAQ.  A guideline has been posted on our forum for your reference: http://www.firearmscanada.com/forum/forum-support/please-read-prior-to-contacting-firearms-canada/

Any questions relating to using this site should be directed to the forum so the rest of the community can learn from the responses you receive.

If you are contacting us about a concern about an ad, we require that you first post your concern underneath the ad using the “leave a reply” feature for the rest of the community to read.  We will not be able to commence any form of action until this step has been taken.

We will not mediate, arbitrate or otherwise interject ourselves in any transaction on this site.  If we feel that a user is violating the terms of use we will suspend their account until further information can be collected.

We will not release the personal information of any member, unless it is in the case of a verified law enforcement agency and only then in the lawful execution of a legitimate investigation.

We HIGHLY recommend that you pose your questions in the Firearms Canada forum.  This is a popular service and we simply do not have the time and resources to respond to every single email.

Thank you.

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