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Firearms Program Quick Links

Announcement January 12, 2021

Finding the information you are looking for when it comes to firearms licensing, buying, transporting, importing, or other areas, it can be a bit tricky at times when trying to navigate where to go and what information you need. Silvercore is here to help make this process quick and easy! Below you can find a compiled list of quick links for your ease of access on different topics for the Canadian Firearms Program rules, regulations, forms and more! Contact the Canadian Firearms Program Firearms Classifications (Learn about non-restricted, restricted and prohibited firearms) Information on Firearms Licensing (Do crossbows need a licence? What is required to own a gun in Canada?) Firearms Safety (Training requirements, instructors, exemptions) Firearms Registration (Restricted or Prohibited Firearms) Information for Buying and Selling (transferring) Firearms (Learn the legal ways to transfer firearms properly) Importing and Exporting Firearms (Can you purchase a firearm in the United States and bring it into Canada or vice versa?) Information relating to Executors and Heirs (Important information if a loved one passes away and leaves firearms in their will or estate) Information on Shooting Clubs and Ranges (Want to build your own range on your property or understand the construction requirements?) Firearms Forms (PAL applications, Licensing for Businesses, Registration or Transfer of Firearms, Authorizations for Transportation, Authorizations for Estates, etc) Individual Web Services (for online PAL Renewal, PAL application Status, Firearms Registration, etc) Business Web Services (registration of firearms, transfer of firearms, obtaining copies of registration certificates, etc) History of Firearms in Canada (A quick background on the important dates relating to Canadian firearms ownership). Don't forget to check out the Silvercore Blog for other useful links and information!  

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  • How to obtain a Firearms License in Canada

    by on January 6, 2011 - 0 Comments

      Obtaining a firearms license in Canada is not as daunting of a task as some may lead you to believe, it does however require that you have some basic firearms knowledge as well have the ability to pass a criminal record check. Firearms Licenses in Canada are broken down into the following categories: Adult […]

  • Classifications of Firearms in Canada

    by on January 16, 2011 - 0 Comments

    In Canada, we have 3 major classifications of firearms namely Non-Restricted, Restricted and Prohibited. Let’s talk a bit about each. Non-Restricted:  

  • Storage of Non-Restricted Firearms

    by on February 7, 2011 - 0 Comments

        You have obtained your firearms license and have just purchased your first non-restricted firearm and want to know how you can legally store it. In a nutshell, you have three storage options available to you.  It is important to note that regardless of which method you choose to employ when storing your firearm […]

  • "You're not what I pictured"

    by on January 6, 2011 - 3 Comments

    Several years ago, while conducting interviews for firearms instructors to work for my training company Silvercore Inc. I found myself face to face with a well dressed petite woman who on appearances alone one would not associate the words “Firearms Instructor” with.

  • Canadian Firearms Safety Course and Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course

    by on January 6, 2011 - 0 Comments

      As discussed in a previous post, if you wish to obtain a Canadian firearm license (PAL) you must first successfully complete the Canadian Firearms Safety Course and possibly the Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course depending on the classification of firearms you wish to possess and acquire. The Canadian Firearms Safety Course came into inception […]

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