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Training January 22, 2018

Are you looking for a quick sale or do you need your ad to stand out? Featuring your Ad is a great way to do that!

By using the “Featured Ad” attribute your ad will have a ribbon across the top left corner and a highlighted red background which is just another way to make your posting stand out from other regular ads. It will also show up in the Featured Listings at the top of the front page of the website. This way your ad will still be on the first page even if its not a newer ad anymore.

If you still want your ad on the first page along with the featured listings please check out our Blog on how to “Bump your Ad“. When searching through categories or completing a search query your featured ad will be listed first before all other ads that do not have this property which only increases chances of your ad being seen first.

Please be aware that only 15 featured ad listings will appear at any one time, and new ads will load and show up when refreshing the page. Also note that this property can only be implemented at the time when you first post your ad and a nominal fee of $5.00 per ad is required to implement this feature.

Follow the below steps to make your Ad a Featured one (Click on Images to enlarge):

Step 1: Head to the main Firearms Canada Buy & Sell webpage and click on “Post”.



 Step 2: You will then need to go through picking the appropriate category for your posting



Step 3: Fill out the required information for the ad itself (Type, Price, Title, Description, etc.) Once this is completed you will see at the very bottom of the page it will say “Featured Listing $5.00 Your listing will appear in the featured slider section at the top of the front page.” Check the box for this option to implement the feature



Step 4: Review your ad details to ensure everything is correct and read the terms and conditions. If you feel comfortable with posting, then click “Continue”. Alternatively, you may have a coupon code you received that you can use to cover part of, or all of the fee associated with this feature, if so you would put that code in prior to clicking continue.




Step 5: If you do not have a coupon code you will then be redirected to Pay-Pal to login to your account and pay the $5.00 fee associated with Featuring your Ad.



Step 6: After payment has been completed of you have used your coupon code you will receive a Order Summary and an email will be sent out by the system confirming that your ad has been approved and is now live.




Step 7: Enjoy seeing your ad at the top of ads listed with a nice ribbon across the top and highlighted background, as well as seeing it in the top featured listings section.


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