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Sell: Walther Factory P-38 magazine

An original post war Walther magazine for P-38 pistols. Never used but has tiny handling marks.

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96% (14)


Sell: Pre-war FN 1922 magazine 9mm Kurz 380

An original mag bearing factory serial number.

101 total views, 38 today

Seller Rating:
96% (14)


Sell: Genuine RAF RCAF WWII British GEE navigation unit

This is a genuine WW2 unit which was originally built with the explosives inside so it could be destroyed if the crew was going down. […]

169 total views, 43 today

Seller Rating:
96% (14)


Sell: TOKAREV 9 mm and 7.62 TT SUPER 12 TT-33 Tokagypt 58 Hungarian

Near mint this is the slightly rare Hungarian made Tokagypt 58 upgrade of the TT-33 with locking barrel (as opposed to simple blowback) and wrap […]

327 total views, 40 today

Seller Rating:
96% (14)


Sell: 1988 made Stainless 629-1 6 inch barrel 44 Magnum

Made 1988. Excellent condition. Pachmeyer grips. The older guns were better made, solid steel machined parts.

143 total views, 5 today

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96% (14)


Sell: Colt Diamondback 4 inch barrel 22LR

Made 1977 this Gun is flawless except for the screw slots on either side so I will order two new Colt screws. Also two chambers […]

385 total views, 44 today

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96% (14)


Sell: WW2 USGI Remington Rand 1911 slide

Original parkerize finish. Has been fired but I am guessing a few hundred rounds max. Blank on right hand side so I believe from a […]

1424 total views, 42 today

Seller Rating:
96% (14)


Sell: Austrian Cavalry Carbine parts

One of my projects I pass on to others. Missing the barrel and receiver and front band and hammer. The lock is complete and appears […]

277 total views, 2 today

Seller Rating:
96% (14)


Sell: WWII dated Garand sling P.K.W. 1944

Excellent condition ORIGINAL USGI WWII 1944 dated Web Sling for the M1 Garand. Has the flat faced keeper, narrow buckle and dimpled tab. Zero rust. […]

1587 total views, 35 today

Seller Rating:
96% (14)


Wanted: Wanted M-14 or Norinco M305 trigger group for dewat

I want to build up a deactivated M-14 and am looking for the trigger group and guard. Need none of the small parts but ideally […]

97 total views, 0 today

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96% (14)
HOWA - 1


Sell: New factory INTERARMS HOWA M1500 front and rear guard screws

These are not substitute screws these are actual factory HOWA parts from INTERARMS. One FRONT and one REAR catalog number hwt-70049 & 50. I can […]

943 total views, 0 today

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96% (14)


Sell: New never issued Lee Enfield butt plate ILCO Stevens Savage Zamak

This is a never issued ZAMAK #5 buttplate made by ILCO which I read are mostly found on Savage No.4 Mk I and on most […]

2431 total views, 31 today

Seller Rating:
96% (14)


Sell: Book; The Springfield 1903 Rifle by Brophy

By William S Brophy Excellent condition book, hard to find. Postage I can guess at $15 or so, send your postal code I will look […]

203 total views, 1 today

Seller Rating:
96% (14)
G43 extractor - 1 (1)


Sell: G43 or K43 extractor

One new unused machined from correct steel alloy Extractor for K-43 or G-43. The extractor is loaded into a bolt in the photo.

1359 total views, 30 today

Seller Rating:
96% (14)
G43 - 3


Sell: G43 or K43 bolt

This is bolt #4670 with waffenamt 359 for WALTHER or code ac. The bolt is in great shape absolutely never refinished or polished as you […]

1630 total views, 22 today

Seller Rating:
96% (14)


Sell: Walther HP

An early Walther HP totally matching. Frame, slide, toggle all match. Electric pencil serial has been added by armourer on right hand of slide and […]

331 total views, 4 today

Seller Rating:
96% (14)


Sell: Winchester 2200 pump 12 GA 30 inch bbl full choke excellent

Seldom fired 30 inch barreled full choke Winchester 2200 2 3/4 inch chamber. Looks new except for superficial scuffs on butt wood. Easy take down. […]

199 total views, 2 today

Seller Rating:
96% (14)
Lee butt - 1


Sell: New unissued walnut Longbranch Lee Enfield butt stock

Never issued Longbranch butt in walnut C broad arrow marked very nice wood. For the No.4 Mk I rifle. If you have a Longbranch you […]

2643 total views, 2 today

Seller Rating:
96% (14)
Sendero - 1


Sell: Remington Sendero 300 Win Mag

Minty Stainless Sendero Remington 700 scope not included but is available. The stainless rifle has a fluted barrel to reduce its weight while maintaining stiffness. […]

973 total views, 0 today

Seller Rating:
96% (14)
long lee - 1


Sell: Long Lee bolt assembly with shroud excellent original

This is a Long Lee bolt assembly that has original finish and is about the best I think that can be found as a spare. […]

2146 total views, 2 today

Seller Rating:
96% (14)
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