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10 Responses to “SIG SAUER P226 X-FIVE SHORT DA/SA. Made in GERMANY!”

  1. Wolfstrack - Moderator FACanada on January 12, 2019 @ 6:05 pm

    Hello & hello!
    Try to reply to both of you who have this discussion ref SIG P226 X5 Short….I have one myself and of course I had lot of questions about what really this SIG is…
    FYI last week I personally have contacted directly the SIG factory in Germany (I speak German too) and was confirmed by SIG technical support engineer that this is an X5 bastard kind of model where the frame is original X5 and slide from P226.
    These models were built in a small batch as an experiment and we are really lucky to have them here in Canada. The frame body and slide are made of edelstahl (stainless) and the barrel is steel. Also I have full confirmation with my serials that this model is 100% German made, no MIM parts. Cheers and all the best!

  2. Never said it was a regular 226.Multiple 226 models come with steel frames, they are not x 5s, guess if the salesman/retailer says something then it must be true. Lol. Guess if you have a owners manual must make the gun true. Lol. Wanstalls has x shorts on now for 2300. My old gun was a steel gun made in germany custom shop.only all nickel. No longer have. Sigs only gun more accurate than a x five, x 6 is sig 210.even that is close.have shot all.

    • Since I have discussed this with North Sylva Co. who imported this type of Sig Sauer X-Five Short into Canada and other retailers who sell them as such, the conclusion is they must be out to lunch. You have all the answers and obviously having only looked at an image of the firearm but not able to confirm with North Sylva with its serial numbers or handled it closely, you are right without a doubt and the rest of those so-called distributor and retailers must be wrong and trying to cheat consumers out of their hard earned cash.

      Again, its really unfortunate that you are making such claims without verification. Your falsehood and accusations are doing a disservice to the industry as well as this forum community.

  3. I read your post, know the research, know the gun, it is a nice gun but is not an X5, these were made before any X 5 s came out. I had one before.It is unfortunate to the buyer that is being told “These could be considered Gen 1 X 5 s” To quote your post.
    Being sold as or tagged as does not make it one. The salesman telling you the story does also not make it true. Having some features like an X 5 makes it a gun that has some features like an X 5 not an X 5. I guess the good part is that you are selling it at 226 prices not X 5 prices. Good luck. Guess we will agree to disagree then here. Thx.
    PS X 5 shorts have a different length barrel (4.4) too buy the way if you are checking info.

    • So I guess when I called the distributor North Sylva Co. that brings these Sig Sauers P226 Short X-Five into Canada to verify plus talking to other retailers selling them must be wrong. You must know your Sig Sauer P226 better than all of them. Please send me some images of your Sig Sauer that you claim is the same as mine but is not an X-Five. Can you provide some records of your firearm with sku and or serial numbers so I can verify your claim?

      I will help you with your research. The body of this firearm like all X-Five is all steel unlike regular P226. It is 1/2 pound heavier. I have the original X-Five documentation/manual. These firearms were made for a Finland company made with German parts and workmanship. The retailers have said the quality of these guns are far superior than the US counterparts.

  4. Thats a 226 made in germany, nice gun but its not an x 5

    • It’s really unfortunate when you leave a statement like this without doing any research or read thoroughly my given explanation in the description. It is a first Gen XFive without the roll marks unlike the ones made in the USA. The dealer described the gun as to why it was and sold the firearm as an X Five.
      There were 3 different dealers selling them at the time as X-Fives. I still possess the original tag for it labelled as X Five.

      These semi autos were a limited production made by the Mastershop of Sig Sauer. There were manufactured for a big company but some how the sale never went through. They are not sold in the USA.

      This gun has the cut out behind the trigger guard along with the beaver tail like the US made XFives. The trigger was described to be of XFive. There are a few literatures out there stating as such.

      In the future, please refrain from making absolute remarks such as your comment without doing any research or tried the firearm. It really is unfair to the seller and it does a disservice to this website community.

  5. my apology leave a message at wrong place, Please help to remove it. Thanks

  6. hi I saw your post of p226 x five for sell . and interest in it . can you send me more picture on that? i.e. left view .right view .top view and view from mag well. barrel as well.
    my cell ***********



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