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Sell: Archived: Qty of 5 SAFN49’s 3 Venezuelan 7mm, 2 Egyptian 8mm $1000 – $1500 OBO

  • Type: Sell
  • Country: Canada
  • Province/State: Ontario
  • City: Frankford
  • Manufacturer: other
  • If other, please specify: FN Hertsal
  • Condition: Good
  • Model: SAFN1949
  • Action/Type: Semi-Auto Rifle
  • Calibre: 7mm
  • Listed: November 21, 2019 7:55 pm
  • Expires: This ad has expired
DSC03397A Lot Of SAFN 49 Stuff 2


I have been gathering up SAFN's for a while, in addition to the 5 rifles, I also have 4 bayonets, 3 Stocks, 1 of the stocks is reportedly an Original 30.06 Sniper Stock which I paid a lot for years ago, also Original ABL(Belgium) and 1 AL(Luxembourg) Scopes with correct mounts( Large Thumb Screws) (Listed in Optics, Pricey but very hard to find and not for the 7 or 8 mm Contracts) Rifle 2 7mm Venezuelan ALL MATCHING 3570 - Receiver, Cover, Bolt Holder, Bolt and Barrel NOTE: Stamped on the Scope Side of the Receiver " SAFN 1949 D`Saive 1930 7mm" Therefore the Rifle Model, Designer, Year Designed and Calibre, I ASSUME by either a Museum, Importer or Possibly for Training/Demo Purposes, Feel free to comment, Condition Very Good - 2 small nicks in wood. Milled for Scope Rail. Looking $1500.00 Sold To Jean Rifle 3 7mm Venezuelan NON MATCHING Receiver 2205, Cover 1122, I have not stripped to check the Bolt, Barrel etc. but can do so on request. Milled for Scope Rail. Looking $1000.00 Rifle 4 7mm Venezuelan NON MATCHING Receiver 708, Cover 768, Check Piece an after thought, Stock was not Cut for Scope Rail - I have not stripped to check the Bolt, Barrel etc. but can do so on request. Milled for Scope Rail with 3 Taps for Mounting Screws. Looking $1000.00 Rifle 4 SOLD TO DP Rifle 5 8mm Egyptian MATCHING 3897 On Receiver + Egyptian Hieroglyphics Same on Receiver as Cover ( Not Sure of my Terminology LOL ) NOT MILLED FOR SCOPE, Stock has been lacquered / Shellacked I have not stripped to check the Bolt, Barrel etc. but can do so on request. Note: Earlier King Farouk Crest on Receiver, UPDATE: Stripped on request, everything matching includind the sight. Looking $1200.00 #### Potential Buyer seems to have lost interest, SO, back open to offers Sold Pending Pick Up Rifle 6 8mm Egyptian Century Arms Sporter NON MATCHING D10116 On Receiver 396 On Original Cover( Not on Rifle at present ) I have not stripped to check the Bolt, Barrel etc. but can do so on request. Note: Later Saladin Crest on Receiver, comes with Aftermarket Scope Cover + Tasco World Class 3-9x40 Scope - Cover Drilled and tapped and very secure, also comes with an original Cover 396 as noted above Looking $1100.00 I need to start selling stuff, hence my numerous posts here on FAC, I have enough stuff that I am having a web site developed and could use the cash to fund and maintain, so basically saying I am open to offers Looking to sell, Downsizing unless you have a Meopta 2.5X Scope ( Not 3X, have at least 1 already ) I have a 1 or 2 Belgium Purchased Scope rails left, purchased from Belgium along with the Commercial Version of the Echo Mount ( Small Thumb Screws ) at extra cost Want more pics - simply contact & advise what you need I will be happy to provide ( Still Working so give me some time to take if I do not already have ) I DO NOT MONITOR COMMENTS, So if an interest Please Contact the Seller Payment CASH, EMT, Money Order, Bankdraft As always welcome to visit and check out at my home Cheers Thomas

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2 Responses to “Archived: Qty of 5 SAFN49’s 3 Venezuelan 7mm, 2 Egyptian 8mm $1000 – $1500 OBO”

  1. Garandophile
    Garandophile on October 30, 2019 @ 5:02 pm

    Thanks Tom for a great rifle. It is a real looker with an unused stock and metal surfaces . It cycles the cartridges perfectly and extracts perfectly. It is lightly oiled and has a lock screw for most screws in the rifle. I am very pleased with it and the purchase. The literature provided with it is the best available . The stock fits the action and barrel perfectly and should cause it to shoot a 2 inch group at 100M. I will let you know more after I have had it to the range…
    Sincerely, David Potter ( Garandophile)

  2. Avatar

    To DP, got your emails and replied to several which you got, you indicated I had not replied to your offer on , I did, on 18 October and accepted, I have re-emailed twice on 21 October, possibly my emails being sent to spam or junk ??
    My cell number is in all my emails, so, if you read this and still interested give me a call, I had set the rifle to SPF in the post last Friday 18 October

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