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9 Responses to “Parker Hale 1200 “SOLD””

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    Hi Larry
    Thank you for the 270 wouldn’t hesitate to say it came better then u said.
    Trust 100%


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    Hi Larry

    Thank you for the 270 great looking Parker Hale . Very happy
    Received just as you described via email and phone .
    Would say that if you ever have another rifle wouldn’t hesitate to deal with you in the future.

    Thanks again

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    I think I require some help here . I have emailed about this firearm a few times …I DONT think my email is getting thru to the seller can u help PLEASE & THANK YOU

    • Wolfstrack - Moderator FACanada
      Wolfstrack - Moderator FACanada on April 5, 2021 @ 12:02 pm

      If you sent a msg through “contact” he rcvd your msg, but not guaranteed he read it.
      Moderators use same contact procedure and email address that is valid on each member profile.

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    I am interested in your 270 plz give me a call

    *** Attention >< your private/personal contact info/data was removed by Firearms Canada. As information posted here can be viewed by anyone, for your protection, we require any personal info be transmitted through the private messaging system only. (use CONTACT poster)

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