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10 Responses to “Colt Python”

  1. Deaner

    Can moderator check if legit and make contact please, thank you.

    • We are unable to confirm whether this is a legitimate add or not and would encourage all users to exercise their due diligence with any only sale. We do have a fair amount of criteria that our site checks for whenever an ad is posted, and should an ad violate those criteria it would not be allowed to be viewed. This ad has passed a number of security checks to be here, but with that said we can not vouch for it’s legitimacy.

  2. I have sent a couple of messages as well. No one responds. Too bad. looks like a very nice Colt. And with the 8 inch barrel. Did Colt actually make with an 8 inch barrel. Looks like an ad-on.

  3. We are trying to buy this from you but no one responds to the messages?

  4. Is it still for sale?? $1500 is my offer



  5. Anyone have any response from this user?

    • Robert Denis on February 1, 2019 @ 6:06 pm

      ¨Ça fait plusieurs fois que j’essaie de communiquer avec ce vendeur mais je n’ai jamais eu aucune réponse à ce jour.

      • Robert Denis on February 15, 2019 @ 5:32 pm

        Personnellement, je crois qu’un Colt Python à ce prix là c’est impossible et de plus après plusieurs tentative de communication il n’a jamais répond à qui que se soit de plus le prix est passé de $1800.00 à $1600.00 et toujours aucune communication possible. Pourquoi????

  6. Is the gun still for sale?

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